Welcome to my website! You can find my CV here.

My research leverages empirically grounded theories of child development and rigorous statistical methods to identify applied ways to improve learning and development in children and families from low-income backgrounds.

Specifically, I use high quality early childhood science education as an engaging context to promote domain-general learning skills (i.e. approaches to learning, executive functioning, and social emotional development).

My research spans three main contexts:

  • The lab
  • The classroom
  • The community¬†

I maintain an intentional focus on translating rigorous science from the lab, into meaningful research in the classroom, and the community. It is critical to me that my research has practical implications for school and life success in the children and families that need it the most. I am also committed to sharing and interpreting early childhood research with a broader audience through blog posts for the Brookings Institution, Huffington Post, BOLD Blog, and other media outlets.